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28th Jul 2015, 10:28 AM


Characters: Shaix

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Title: Galactic Emperor, Taladaar Grand Master
Age: unknown. Allegedly immortal.
Height: usually about 187 cm. Can vary.

Hair: silver
Eyes: silver
Race: amathial (or so he says)

Legend says he comes from the First Planet, Amathial, where the first humanoid race was born. Actually, no one really knows.
Apparently, he's been around for thousands of years. A great scientist and inventor, he discovered the "leys" and built the Shaix Drive, the device that allows fast interstellar travel. Then he founded the Taladaar Order, whose superior knowledge and technology created - and afterwards nearly destroyed - the Empire. Many royal or important families claim to be Shaix's descendants and they are probably right.
He looks like a rather androgynous human male in his twenties, but his appearance is far from unchanging, although no one ever saw him get older. Same legends that credit him with nearly godlike powers, also tell that in the past he used to take the appearance of a paradigmatic individual of the race he was meeting.
For at least some centuries, skepticals spread the rumor that he had been replaced by a hologram after the Taladaar War, when Anthalanor became the new capital and the Imperial Palace was built. Now, many think he's seriously ill, dead or that he never actually existed.
One way or another, Shaix (or his holographic replacement) always showed an amazingly balanced, wise, charismatic and righteous personality.




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